‘Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kim, Junping Teri Kaas’, Pawan Kheda is targeting Prime Minister Modi on India-China border disputes.SUCHI News

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Congress leader Pawan Kheda quipped in a press conference that “Yeh pyaar na hoga kim, Junping teri kaas… kenny hi kar ley satam…. This is PM Modi’s only love for Chinese.”

Congress leader Pawan Kheda / UNI Photo
Congress leader Pawan Kheda / UNI Photo

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The relationship between India and China has been on a collision course ever since the Galwan conflict in China. The opposition seems to be strongly attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government on the whole issue. In the midst of all this, the meeting of foreign ministers of the G-20 countries is going on in India. The Chinese Foreign Minister is visiting India to attend this meeting. The Chinese Foreign Minister has also held talks with the Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar. Taking all this, the Congress has attacked the Modi government. Congress mockingly said “Yeh pyar na hoga kum, Junping teri kaas… kenny hi kar le satam…. This is PM Modi’s one love for China.”

Congress spokesperson Pawan Kheda attacked Prime Minister Modi and said that Batalal should show off, but we saw yesterday how the red carpet was rolled out for the Chinese foreign minister. He said, but said ‘no problem’, what is the issue of LAC that this discussion is happening? Did you lie then, or were you hiding something. Kheda said, “where we can resist before, it is not possible today. Out of 65 guards, 26 have gone into hands. Our men are no longer on PP 10, 11-11A , 12, 13 in Depsang. “Patrolling points 15 and 17A in Hot Springs and Gogra are also not controlled.”

Continuing his statement, Pawan Kheda said that “Modiji, we know you like China. You used to say that with the help of China, a smart city will be built in Gujarat. A smart city has not been built in Gujarat, China has built it. in Arunachal.” It has become a smart city. We ask for a debate on the parliament, but there is no debate about it.”

In today’s press conference, Congress leader Supriya Shrineet criticized the BJP on the Karnataka issue. He said, “the shoe soap in Mysore is filled with the stench of BJP. In Karnataka, the son of a BJP MP was caught accepting a bribe of Rs 40 lakh. A contract went out and within the last 24 hours, Rs 7 crore 20 lakh has been recovered. This is their start.

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