Why India’s barrage over Ukraine is not in ‘national interest’SUCHI News

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We, the people of India, are not given a fair share of this great opportunity. At these sales rates, domestic prices of petrol, diesel and gas should have dropped by at least 40 percent but we continue to pay for petrol and diesel at around Rs 100 per litre, and gas still costs us Rs 1,150. or there. All the revenue that is wasted is collected by the government and the consumers, who sell the finished product to other countries! (About 60 percent of the country’s oil production is owned by private players like the Ambanis). It is hard to see any ‘national interest’ in this unconstitutional fraud when the citizen does not benefit from the policy in any way. . The income is only blood money, as a Ukrainian minister said. By collecting Russian revenues, India is also helping to prolong the war and the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

The international level of this chicanery on the image of India is equally bad, as Shashi Tharoor revealed in an interview with Karan Thapar. First, we tell the world that we do not have the courage of our convictions in refusing to call Russia, (if not for military intervention, at least for attacks on civilians and public infrastructure) . Second, we cannot see the inherent conflict in supporting a Russia that is now “China’s junior partner, our main enemy”. Finally, according to Tharoor, we have “locked ourselves into a corner, which is less than ideal for our organizational situation”.


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