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When he got his salary, he looked 10 feet tall and very happy

Author: Malcolm X

Translation: Imranul Haque Chauhan

Section: 12

Now Wilfred and Philbert were old enough to meet girls at school dances and they introduced me to a few girls but the girls showed the liked me he didn’t like me and maybe other guys have the same problem. I don’t know how to dance and I don’t want to spend my money on these girls, most weekends I hang out in Siafam bars and restaurants. Where famous singers’ songs, including “Tuxedo Junction” by “Erskin Hawken” and “Flat Feet Fluggy” by “Slim and Slim” were played loudly popular. Sometimes a famous group from New York will come and dance to their tunes all night long. It was enough for any group to succeed that they came from New York. In those days I first heard “Lucky Thompson” and “Milt Jackson” later I knew them in “Harlem”.

Many boys younger than me were sent to “reform schools” on their own time, but my supervisors ignored their message no matter how many times I called them. . I knew that the kindness of Mrs. Sorlin and I were very grateful. It was by their grace that I was accepted into “Mason Junior High School”. I was the first boy to enter school while living in a “detention house”. I was accepted in grade 7. Apart from me, the children of another black family “Line” also studied there. A respectable family. Some of the students at this school were very friendly. I was very popular in my class. Because there are 2 reasons, one of which is that I’m a little different from normal guys, maybe that’s why I needed it so much. Another is a beautiful person like my teacher, Mrs. Sorlin. I used to be popular in all the extracurricular activities of my school or actively participate in any basketball game or any other competition. After a while, Mrs. Sorlin got a job washing dishes at a local restaurant. The owner of the restaurant is the father of my white classmate. Every Friday night when I got my weekly paycheck, I felt like I was 10 feet tall. I was paid very little but it was a lot for me, as soon as I saved some money I bought new shoes. He wore a green suit and invited his friends to school. I enjoyed English and history subjects in class. I also like the English teacher who always gives me good advice but the history teacher always makes fun of black people and makes jokes about them. Liberals mocked their inaction and laziness. My least favorite subject is calculus I have come to the conclusion after much consideration that calculus is such a useful subject that there is no room for debate. when you do something wrong you can’t cover it up with just arguments. .

He was very good at basketball and often went with the team to compete in other cities. As soon as the white team saw my face, the white team watched the insults about my color, but I never complained to my team or the coach. In fact, like many black people today, I had this idea that I was making a lot of progress. Despite this humiliation and disrespect, I still have a place in society, after basketball games, there is always a school dance, whenever our team enters the gymnasium for a dance, my hands and feet start to get cold when the white people see that. I wore it, if I wasn’t good, they might sigh and gradually my habit changed and I started to sit alone at the party without people knowing. Even at school, despite my love and fame, I couldn’t imagine dancing with a white girl. It’s kind of a double-edged sword. ( to be continued )

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