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(Watch List) There can be more germs on a smartphone screen than in a bathroom. Mobile phones that are touched many times a day by people can introduce these bacteria into the body and this is why it is important to clean these devices. When should a smartphone be cleaned?

According to the experts, it is better to clean the phone every day and if it is not possible, it should be cleaned at least once every 3 days.

Here are some of the best ways to clean your phone.

Use disinfectant wipes

Do not use alcohol solution directly on the phone as it may damage the display and other parts of the phone. It is said that the phone can be cleaned by mixing alcohol and water, but for this the ratio of both is very important.

This is why using Disinfect Wipes is perfect for cleaning the phone because you only need to buy them and you don’t need to do anything else.

Use a microfiber cloth

Using a phone creates fingerprints on the screen and the best way to clean it is to use a microfiber cloth.

If the screen needs to be cleaned further, use a cloth dampened with distilled water to clean the screen and then dry the phone with a dry cloth.

Avoid getting water directly on the screen, the same method can be used for the back and sides of the phone.

You can also take help from the tape

Dust and other particles stick around the small ports and covers of the phone.

To clean, gently apply pieces of Scotch paper to the four corners of the phone and speaker, the sticky parts on the phone will face the tape, gently use a toothpick to clean the inside of the ports.

How to clean a waterproof phone?

If your phone is water resistant and has an IP rating of 67 or higher, it can be submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, great for cleaning the phone.

After soaking in water, dry the phone with a dry and soft cloth, especially the speaker and all ports.

However, if the waterproofing is less than IP67, it is better to use one of the methods listed above.

What should not be used to clean the phone?

Do not use window cleaners, hand sanitizer, kitchen cleaner, paper towels, direct use of alcohol, air conditioners, dish soap and vignette to clean the phone.


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