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Georgia. Two young boys were killed and 6 people were injured in a shooting during a house party in Douglas County, Georgia, USA. The accident happened in the town of Douglasville, about 20 miles west of Atlanta. More than 100 people gathered at the party. According to CNN’s report, more than 100 people attended the house party on Saturday at a house in Douglasville. Meanwhile, the shooting suddenly started and the two children died.

However, it has not been confirmed yet. It is not certain how many people were involved in the shooting incident. The police are trying to find all this. Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Trent Wilson told the AP news agency that the shooting took place between 10:30 and 11:30 on Saturday night. According to the owner of the house, he organized this party on his daughter’s 16th birthday.

More than 100 of the daughter’s friends attended this party. At this time, some people started smoking marijuana, and it was decided to end the party at 10 o’clock at night. At this point the shooting started. At this time, the police are still investigating the case. It is unclear if an adult was present at the time of the shooting.

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