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Nashik : In Trimbakeshwar Tehsil of the district, a pregnant woman who came for delivery was delivered by her mother in the absence of a doctor. A case of poor management of the Department of Public Health has come to light in Anjaneri of Trimbakeshwar tehsil. A woman from Bardyachiwadi near Awate in Trimbakeshwar tehsil was admitted to the Anjaneri Primary Health Department for delivery. However, due to the lack of a health office or staff in the health department, it is known that the mother herself had to give birth to the baby girl.

Bardyachiwadi village with a population of ten to fifteen families is located near Awate village in Trimbakeshwar tehsil. Yashoda Trimbak Awte, a pregnant woman here, was admitted to the Anjaneri Primary Health Center with her mother Sonabai Awte this morning due to abdominal pain, but after being admitted to the hospital, there was no health officer or a staff member who was in the area. At this time, the pain of giving birth increased, so the mother who was traveling with the ASHA worker decided to give birth, and the bride’s mother risked her life and gave birth to a child. The mother gave birth to the daughter. The daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

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Block the streets on International Women’s Day

Meanwhile, social worker Bhagwan Madhe has demanded the immediate release of the doctor. This is also the case in many health centers of the tehsil where there is no doctor in the capital, so Madhe said that on March 8, on International Women’s Day, the roadblocks. However, mothers and authorities are not aware of this dangerous situation in rural areas.

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