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In Karachi, the contractor has put the public school building on the list because two public schools have been moved to the same building.

According to Express News, due to the neglect and carelessness of the Ministry of Education of the Sindh School Education Department, a public school in Karachi has been revealed where the contractor has given the building that is there are classrooms for tenants, but two public schools are there. One Moved to the same house.

Because it is a government apartment, two classes are held in the classroom in the primary school while some classes are held in the storage room.

According to the Express News Correspondent, in the 21st century, the students of Karachi, the capital of Pakistan, are pushing for quality education, a building owned by the contractor and two public schools and high schools. is being conducted at the same time in an old building. house

When “Express” asked Ibrahim Alibhai Government Boys Secondary School President Mualim (Teacher) Muhammad Khurshid about this situation, he said, “We have made a report on this situation and informed the city office in several time about the subject.”

According to the contract, he said that this house was given to the contractor for construction and repair, which he is renting.

The contractor said that since the department stopped the works and services from him after construction and repair, he will not give the house to the department but now some families have been settled. on the upper floors of the building.

On the other hand, “Express” went to the elementary school Azizabad No. 10 there, and there a class was installed in the store room and the students were studying while sitting in the store room.

A female teacher who was there told Express Express that “the first time the kindergarten and KG were in the same room, but because of the noise of the young children, the kindergarten and fifth grade are combined when there are no rooms, because of this situation. , the first and second classes are arranged in one room and the third and fourth classes together, while the school office is in a small room.

Another teacher said, it is not possible to teach the children here, there is only one blackboard, half is used by the teacher of one class and the other half is used by the teacher of the other class, our lectures to the child of the class. first class, the student in the first class is attracted to us, sometimes students leave their teacher and start listening to the teaching of another teacher in the same room.

In addition, the contractor owns the school grounds, where trucks, rickshaws and other vehicles are parked.

Apart from this, “Express” contacted the Director School Education Karachi Secondary and Higher Secondary Farnaz Riaz in this regard, he said that he has ordered one of his female officers to visit the school and give a report.

Farnaz Riaz said that we are informing the higher authorities about this situation and will do everything possible for the students as soon as possible.

On the other hand, I contacted the principal of the primary school Karachi Lubni Salahuddin, but he was not in the office and when contacted on his cell phone, he did not receive the call.

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