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Deposed Brazilian General Julio Cesar de Arruda pictured right—Brazilian President Lula de Silva pictured left—Courtesy of Foreign Media

Following the recent government protests in Brazil, Brazilian President Lula de Silva fired the military.

According to international media reports, Brazilian President Lula de Silva dismissed Army Chief Julio Cesar de Arruda, who took office last month.

It is stated in the report that 2 days ago an important meeting was held between the President and military leaders in the capital of Brasilia, and it has ended then get the President’s decision to dismiss the Army Chief.

Earlier, Brazil’s president publicly accused some military personnel of supporting violence throughout the country.

Remember that on January 8, supporters of former Brazilian President Bolso Naro protested against the government and attacked the presidential palace, the Supreme Court and the Congress in Brasilia.

To date, more than 2 thousand people involved in these incidents have been arrested.

According to this situation, the Minister of Defense of Brazil said that the violence caused the collapse of the belief of the commander-in-chief of the army, after the government’s decision that a change in the army.

According to the report, South East Army Commander Tomas Ribeiro will be the new Army Commander to replace Army Chief has been dismissed.


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