The month of Ramadan can be observed in PakistanSUCHI News

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Website: The month of Ramadan in Pakistan is likely to be observed on Wednesday, March 22.

According to the information, this year the month of Ramadan will rise on the night of March 21 at 11:13 and the next day on the evening of March 22, sunset at 6:43 in Karachi, the moon will stay up. the horizon for 47 minutes and The moon will set at 7:30 PM.

Remember that at sunset, the age of the moon will be 19 hours and 30 minutes, at the height of the moon it will be 10 degrees above the horizon and about 0.9 percent of the moon will be illuminated, but the distance of the moon. the moon is only 3 lakh 82 thousand kilometers from the earth


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