The difference between life abroad and here I came to Pakistan: Hazem BangwarSUCHI News

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Known for his unique style and design, Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar says that Pakistan’s problems made him return to Pakistan. Karachi Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar recently visited a private TV show where host Mathira asked him about his work. During the show, Hazem said, ‘I did my bachelor’s in image marketing, and later did my LLB. At that time I was confused between art and school, then I got a contract with a music label’. Hazim Bangwar, on the question of leaving the field of fashion and music and wanting to become an assistant commissioner, said ‘I felt a lot of difference between life abroad and here and this fact made me come to Pakistan, I felt. I eat the best food from the best hotel abroad, but there are many people in Pakistan who don’t have anything to eat, I went far from my reality so I decided that I should stay in Pakistan and serve the people here, after that. I came to Pakistan and decided to take the CSS exam, people said why did you come to Pakistan, that too for a government job, but I was stubborn why not. I can do a government job.

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