The details of the closed-door meeting were leaked, the Chinese President expressed his displeasure with the Canadian Prime MinisterSUCHI News

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has expressed his displeasure at the leaked details of a closed meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the G20 Summit.

A video has also been released of the Chinese president and the Canadian prime minister standing next to each other and talking through a translator.

President Xi Jinping said that this is not appropriate, this is not our way.

He said that if there is honesty, we can talk with the spirit of cooperation.

President Xi Jinping, speaking in Chinese, could be heard saying through an interpreter, “Everything we talked about in the meeting has been leaked to all the newspapers, it’s not appropriate.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded, we believe in free and transparent negotiations in Canada and we will continue to do so, we will work together but there may be things we disagree on .

At the same time, the Chinese President said to create an environment, which means creating a good environment for dialogue and communication.

Saying this, Xi Jinping ended the conversation, saw Justin Trudeau smile, shook hands and left.


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