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The 4th Mother’s Conference was organized in Graz

London (Chaudhry Tabriz Awrah) The 4th Annual Women’s Conference was organized by the Legislator Qaiser Abbas, Cabinet Member for Culture and Organizations of the Turk Council in Graz, in the suburbs of London.Ebi Akinbo, representatives of women from different organizations including women of the country who participated.

In his speech on this occasion, MP Qaiser Abbas said, “I organize women’s meetings every year. It aims to promote gender equality and respect women’s achievements. I try to give a platform to women where they can talk freely about their struggles, efforts and achievements.”

The mayor of Turks Cosler James Haldon said on this occasion, “I am grateful to the Council of Abbas who organized this conference. I am happy to meet these brave women today and hear about their efforts and achievements . I am very inspired by my grandparents who always helped others and today I respect them.”

At this time, Jaglar Rehman said, “I feel very happy to support this program. I congratulate all the women of the world for their unparalleled efforts.”

The Vice President of Thark Nepalese Gorkha Community, Kamila Gurung said, “More than 15 Nepali women have started their own small businesses through the efforts of Councilor Abbas and I thank Councilor Abbas for making a difference in life of these people. woman.”

At the end of the meeting, tea, coffee and snacks were distributed by the local restaurant.


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