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Officials in fake news about attacks on Bihari migrant workers in Tamil Nadu
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Chennai: There is tension in many areas of Tamil Nadu due to the alleged attack on the workers of Bihar. But it turned out that the story was a lie. Responding to fake news being spread on social media, Coimbatore District Collector said that false information is being spread. Tiruppur District Collector S Vineeth said that a team of Bihar government visited Tiruppur today. He held discussions with all stakeholders including members of the association, labor unions and other unions.

People will celebrate Holi not because of problems: collection

The Collector also said, we have shown how fake news is being spread in different circles of the media. We have taken necessary steps to see that people are not afraid and stop being afraid. Tripura District Collector also said that some of the stories were spread that many people are leaving due to problems. I would like to mention that many of them will be celebrating Holi.

FIR filed against channels to spread fake news: SP Shashank Sai

According to SP Shashank Sai, the district police administration along with the city police administration have registered an FIR against media houses and channels for spreading fake news. Three FIRs have been registered in the cyber crime office of the district police.

He also said that only research will tell if there is a big picture or not. It is too soon for us to comment. The district administration is reaching out to 30,000 migrant workers or migrant workers who are working in Tiruppur and other centers.

All stories are lies: Labor

Bihar Association (Tamil Nadu) held a meeting with migrant workers from Bihar amid reports of attacks in Chennai. A foreign worker said, “All the stories are lies. We live and work well here. The video is going viral too late, so everyone is scared.”

The news of the death of two laborers from Bihar in Tamil Nadu was circulated. At the same time, media organizations said that they were killed by local people. But this story turned out to be false and fabricated. According to fact checker AltNews, Upendra Dhari from Jharkhand blamed Pawan Yadav for the death. The accused and the victim are neighbors in Tiruppur. Upendra was later arrested from Jharkhand.

It has nothing to do with the killings and the Tamil-Bihar hoax

AltNews spoke to Pawan Yadav’s brother Neeraj Yadav. He said that accused Upendra Dhari from Jharkhand suspected that his wife and Pawan were having an illicit relationship, so he stabbed Pawan. He said there was no connection between the killings and the Tamil-Bihar hoax.

it is a case of suicide and not murder

But the second thing happened, Monu Das was not killed but committed suicide. Giving the video statement of Monu Kumar Das’ elder brother Sonu Das and Tulsi Das, he said that he was found hanging from the fan by closing the door from inside. Alt News spoke to Saroj Kumar Thakur, SP, Krishnagiri district. He said it was a case of suicide, not murder. When he was found hanging from the fan, the neighbors and the owner of the property were called to break down the door and later informed the police.

post fake videos

It is noteworthy that recently a video went viral on social media where workers from Bihar were mercilessly beaten up. According to this, the CM of Bihar expressed his concern about the safety of migrants from Twitter. Later, the Tamil Nadu police said that the video circulating on social media about the killing of laborers from Bihar was fake.

Posting a video on social media, Tamil Nadu DGP Shailendra Babu said, “Someone in Bihar posted a false and misleading video about the attack on laborers from Bihar in Tamil Nadu. There are two pictures is spreading on social media about the incident which is false.The facts in the video have been twisted to make it appear that migrant workers living in Tamil Nadu are being attacked. “

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