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There has been sudden tension along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. In order to prevent any foolishness of the Chinese, the soldiers stationed in the Galwan valley are exploring the border with horses and mules. A video has now gone viral.

An Indian Army official said that the army’s activity has increased since the conflict with the Chinese troops in June 2020. The day before, the Army released a picture, which shows the playing cricket in the high ground of Galwan in the midst of extreme cold. In recent months, the youth did a half-marathon on the ice of Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh.

In a meeting with China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gong, who came to attend the G-20 summit, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar made it clear that the situation is up the border is irregular. Two days after the meeting of the two ministers, the military patrols have increased. Jaishankar has already said that relations with China will not return to normal until the situation in LAC is resolved.

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A buffer zone was built near Galwan Lake

India and China, in February 2021, agreed to withdraw troops from the 135-km-long Galvan Lake and turn it into a buffer zone. This situation will continue until all issues related to the border are resolved. However, both sides have troops in the LAC. Seeing China’s actions, India is building roads and other facilities on its side. More than 50,000 soldiers are placed on the front lines with new weapons and ammunition.

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