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Sudbury’s Cambrian College opens new pride center

Sudbury’s Cambrian College has opened a new venue dedicated to its LGBTQ community.

The Cambrian Pride Center will be both a resource center and positive space for students and staff at the college.

Brady Granger, Cambrian’s academic chair for the School of Justice and Academic Studies, said the center has been a long time coming.

“We have had a pride room in the past, but it was staffed by volunteers,” she said.

“So some of the time it wasn’t open. It was very hard because in college you’re here for a year, you’re here for two, maybe three. So the business was pretty important. So it’s been too long in terms of recognizing that. In the process we really need a dedicated space that is more out in the open, more accessible to the broader college community, and just makes it more open than in the past.”

Granger, who identified as gay and two-spirited, said she wished a similar place existed when she was a student.

“You know, on a personal level, when I was growing up, there was no place, so I didn’t know where to find people like me,” Granger said.

“So it’s really important for people to see themselves represented, to see where they might fit in and ask any questions or meet other people who are like-minded.”

A colorful pride flag with two wings.
For the opening of its new Pride Center, Cambrian College unveiled a new Pride flag consisting of two wings to represent the Two-Spirit community. (Submitted by Cambrian College)

Last August, a task force led by Cambrian wellness co-ordinator Katherine Poulton set out to build the Pride Center. Based on the feedback they decided that the space should empower, educate and engage the people who use it.

A recent graduate from Cambrian’s Design and Visual Arts program, Mars Petrina, said, “Coming from a small town in the south with a minimum of 2SLGBTQ+ resources, I’m very pleased that future Cambrian students will have the opportunity to express themselves and share the same skills and experiences.” There will be a place to find like-minded people.” ,

Petrina identifies as trans non-binary and bisexual.

The space also features a mural designed and painted by Matthew Lehtela, a Cambrian graphic designer and alumnus.

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