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In his speech at an event on Saturday, Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said that some retired judges are part of the anti-India gang, who are trying to do justice to India plays the role of the opposition.

Law Minister Kiren Rijiju. (File photo: PTI)

New Delhi: Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said on Saturday that ‘three or four’ retired judges were part of an ‘anti-India’ gang. He also said, whoever worked against the country should pay the price.

Speaking at the India Today Conclave, Rijiju said that there are some retired ‘activist’ judges who are trying to make the Indian judiciary play the role of the opposition.

He said, ‘Some people even go to court’ and said, ‘Please stop the government, please change the policies of the government.’

He also spoke about his government’s constant attacks on Rahul Gandhi. The important point is that the Congress leader gave a statement in the UK in the past that the central government led by the BJP is weakening democracy in India. Controversy arose after the statement.

The law minister said that Gandhi used “the same language” used by some “anti-India gangs”. He said, this language is repeating the statement that ‘democracy is under threat’ in India and ‘human rights do not exist in India’.

When MP Gaurav Sawant asked Rijiju if he had accused a senior MP of being part of the ‘tukde-tukde gang’, Rijiju agreed. He said that the government has inside information about foreign funds for carrying out such planned attacks on India from outside and inside.

He then talked about a seminar attended by judges and senior lawyers. He said, ‘The topic of the seminar is ‘Confidence in the appointment of judges, but the whole day of the discussion is about the way the government is capturing the Indian judiciary.’

He said, ‘Some are retired judges, some – maybe three or four – some of them are activists, part of the anti-India gang. These people are trying to make the Indian judiciary play the role of the opposition. Even some people go to court and say, please strengthen the government, please change the policies of the government.

“The court is impartial, the judges are not part of any political party,” he asked. How can these people clearly say that the court of India (the government) should face it?’

When Sawant asked what steps the government has taken against the ‘tukde-tukde gang’, Rijiju said, “Action will be taken. Action is being taken according to the law.” The agencies will take action according to the provisions of the law. No one lives. Don’t worry, no one will be spared, those who have worked against the country must pay the price.

The law minister also discussed various issues, including the dispute between the government and the College of Higher Education regarding the appointment of judges, the recent decision of the Constitution on the appointment of Election Commissioners, and and same-sex marriage.

On the issue of same-sex marriage, Rijiju said that since Parliament is a “concern of the opinions and interests” of the people, there should be a discussion on how to operate it. the institution of marriage in two houses.

On the decision of the Election Commissioner, he said that if the CJI or the judges of India keep any important post, then who will do the judicial work?

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