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you are, To extinguish the fire in the stomach, poor people must take all kinds of risks. Due to the constant increase in the price of oil by the central government, people in rural areas are unable to buy expensive gas bottles. So the domestic gas price is Rs.1150. also crossed. In a similar situation, those who distributed boxes under the Ujjwala scheme, the clay ovens of their houses have also started burning. Women have to go to the forest to get wood for these stoves. Where the danger of animal and human conflict remains. But in order to drive the car of life forward, women are risking their lives.

The weather broke the back

Poor people cannot fill LPG tanks. For this reason, the women are going back to the forest to get firewood. Because of this, the risk of human-animal conflict increases. Due to the constant increase in the price of gas containers, it is expensive for the people of the village to refill the gas containers. This is why women are seen going to the forest to get wood to cook in the oven. Some people make a living by collecting dry wood and selling it in the city. But it is difficult to say when and at what time the undead will take them to the forest in his feet. Even with the danger of the tiger and the leopard, many people in the village have turned to the forest for fuel and to live. Not only women, men but also adults and children are included in this.

Many families have no other choice

On the other hand, the source of livelihood of people in the countryside is dry trees and forests. Therefore, as soon as it dawns, the group of women and men will go to the forest after tying the lunch to their sticks, where dry bread and onions and chillies are tied. In view of the frequent animal attacks, the Ministry of Forestry has asked the villagers not to enter the forest. However, the workers and officials of the Ministry of Forestry keep watching, the poor people who bring dry wood from the forest are in danger of their lives.

They go to the forest under duress – Sonwane

Dilip Sonwane, deputy sarpanch of Chikhla, said that after the price of bark, people go to the forest to get firewood under pressure. Other than this, they have no other choice. In view of the presence of wildlife, the Ministry of Forestry has prohibited people from entering the forest by placing information boards at the border of the forest. Despite this, but people continue to turn to the forest, the government should provide assistance by reducing costs.

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