Satna’s sweets will melt sweetness across the country | Satna’s sweets will spread all over the country, stall open at railway station SUCHI News

Satna’s sweets will melt sweetness across the country | Satna’s sweets will spread all over the country, stall open at railway station

Satna's sweets will melt sweetness across the country
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stall open here Khurchan will prove to be a better product for Satna station. A stall has been set up at the main entry hall near the ticket counter in the station, which will be made operational soon. At present, a vendor is selling scrap by setting up a temporary stall. It was told that 10 to 15 thousand passengers come to Satna station every day. Thus, the demand for scraping will continue.

Sweets being made since 70 years Ajay Dubey, a scraper trader who has set up stalls in the station, says that a few days ago, a temporary stall has been started. Every day five-six kilos of sweets are sold. Sales will increase after shifting to well equipped stalls. It was told that Khurchan sweet is being made in Rampur Baghelan of the district for about 70 years. It is available in small road side shops in Rampur. It takes about five liters of pure milk to make one kilo of khurchan. At the rate of Rs 50 a liter, milk costs Rs 250. The cost of sugar and wood comes to around Rs 50. In this way it costs 300 rupees. These days traders are selling Rs 350 to Rs 450 a kg.

The layer of cream is scratched and scratched by boiling milk. Khurchan sweet is made in the Rampur Baghelan area of ​​the district. The business of this sweet was never organized. Merchant Rishi Tiwari explains that the method of making Khurchan is a very complex art. If one kilogram of khurchan is made in five liters of milk, then it is a big deal. This dessert has to be prepared by scratching the layer of cream with boiling milk. When the milk cools down, the frozen layer is removed from the sink and kept on a plate. After this, some special dry foods are put between the thin layers of milk. The fans of this sweet are not only in the country but also abroad.

Three big stations of Satna area included in the plan Expanding the One Station One Product Scheme in Railways, National Institute of Design designed stalls are being set up at railway stations. 12 railway stations were selected for this in Jabalpur division. Along with Satna in Satna area, stalls have been set up at Maihar and Rewa stations under One Station One Product.

To promote Vocal for Local, Railways has launched One Station One Product Scheme. A stall has been set up in the railway station. Within a month, the khurchan of the district will be sold in the stall. This is being publicized so that railway passengers get to know about the features of the product. It is expected that the sweetness of Satna’s Khorchan will reach far and wide through railways.
Rohit Singh, Area Manager


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