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New Delhi/Mumbai. Today Sanjay Raut, the leader of the Uddhav Thackeray group, spoke strongly to the Modi government at the Center about removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. In fact, he clearly stated in the matter that the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir did not bring much benefit.

On the issue, MP Sanjay Raut said, “Whenever a Kashmiri Pandit dies, the BJP uses it politically. No one has benefited from the abrogation of Article 370. The trouble is that the Khalistan campaign has been shown again in Punjab which is also not good for the country. In this, not only the state but the center has a role.

Please tell that even in the year 2022, Sanjay Raut raised questions about the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir by the Central Government. Raut said that even though Article 370 was removed, there was no improvement in people’s lives. The government should take a big step as soon as possible. Then his reference was directed to the killing that was going on here.

Importantly, on August 5, 2019, the Modi government removed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, which had been in dispute for a long time. With this, Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh became separate territories. It should be noted that the state of Jammu and Kashmir received special rights from Article 370, such that one can buy land there.

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