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Eating gutka is a pastime and habit that many people enjoy and this habit often makes them feel ashamed.

Such people do not care about any respect while spitting gutka and whenever they get a chance, they spit in their mouth in a long spit.

A similar incident happened in an Indian airline where a passenger who ate gutka made a strange request to the air hostess, he heard them laugh too.

A passenger of an Indian airline asked the flight attendant to open the window to spit gutka in a funny way, the video of which went viral on social media.

An Indigo Airlines passenger approached the flight attendant during the flight and pointed to the window of the plane and demanded he is open.

In the video, the passenger is seen calling the woman and then asking her to open the window of the plane to spit the gutka. At the request of the passenger, the lady first looked at the passenger and then smiled and ignored him, but later the passenger also laughed.


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