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Ready to compromise with everyone for the good of the country, Imran Khan

Lahore (92 News) PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced that he is ready to satisfy everyone for the good of the country.

In his address to the nation via video link on Saturday, he mentioned who attacked him, but he is ready to forgive those who attacked him for the good of the nation. Do not ask those who steal public money to give NRO.

Imran Khan demanded a general election in the whole country instead of two districts. He said, if they have a mind, they should hold elections in the whole country instead of 60 percent. The establishment of a new government will provide stability. People and organizations should stand together.

He said that economic stability cannot come without political stability, but politicians are afraid of holding elections because they know that PTI will win. Instead of accepting the demand for the election, politicians are oppressing and oppressing our workers. He tried to make threats through audio and video. PDM is treating the country worse than the enemy, issues worth billions of rupees were destroyed by amending NAB laws.

Imran Khan said there are 74 FIRs against me and I have to go to court to get bail. They went to jail during Musharraf’s time, but violence like what is being done today is unprecedented, they want to destroy PTI by spreading fear in the violent.

He said that he has abolished his government for the sake of the economy and the state of the country, no enemy should do what the PDM has done in the country. Doubling costs is a historic increase in the pedestrian kingdom. Petrol has gone from Rs 150 to Rs 280 per litre, gas and electricity have doubled, tweel bills have gone from Rs 8 to Rs 36 per unit.

The former prime minister said that we must stand together to get out of the crisis, money has gone out of the country and businesses have been closed. International organizations say that Pakistan will not be able to, the election will bring stability to the country, instead of two districts, should be held general elections in the whole country.


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