Prompt medical attention within minutes of a stroke can prevent disability and death, experts say SUCHI News

Prompt medical attention within minutes of a stroke can prevent disability and death, experts say

Health experts say that with timely diagnosis and medical assistance, disability and death due to stroke can be avoided, awareness of the symptoms of stroke can reduce the rate of disability and death as much as possible.

On World Stroke Day, a medical and training workshop for doctors on stroke was organized at Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry under the auspices of Neurology Awareness and Research Foundation, Al-Khidmat and Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) and Pakistan Stroke Society. .

World Stroke Day celebrated on October 29 worldwide by the World Organization for Paralysis has been named “Minute… “Can save lives.” The background to this central idea is that even in developed countries there is a lack of awareness of the early stages of stroke, due to which a large number of people who could have been provided prompt treatment based on timely diagnosis, would have missed it. and consequently the rate of disability and death due to stroke increases manifold.

In this regard, the title and main idea of ​​this year’s World Stroke Day is derived from knowing the symptoms related to stroke so that the rate of disability and death can be reduced as much as possible through timely diagnosis and treatment.

Addressing the medical and training workshop, he said that stroke can occur at any age, that is why the death rate due to stroke is continuously increasing worldwide, one in every four men and one in every five women. Can be a victim.

He said that Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world, which consists of about 22 crore people. According to a conservative estimate, the rate of non-communicable diseases including stroke in our country is more than 40 percent, while about 5 percent of the population is forced to live with stroke. From this point of view, about 10 lakh people are living with disability in one way or another. Nowadays, where the field of medicine has progressed in every respect, there has also been significant innovation in the treatment of stroke.

He said that stroke was considered an incurable disease until some time ago, but now after various investigations it has been proved that it is not only a curable disease, but it is also possible to prevent its attack. It is said that a large number of people are still deprived of timely, effective, quality and cheap treatment for stroke, due to which, according to a conservative estimate, more than four lakh people die annually in Pakistan, and millions of people live with permanent disabilities. are forced to

He said that paralysis is a disease that can paralyze any part of the body, while in some cases its attack proves fatal. Its symptoms include deafness in one part of the body, loss of speech or not being able to understand things, difficulty in eating and drinking, disability in walking, inability to see, forgetfulness, etc.

He said that after a stroke, patients require immediate treatment, because the sooner the affected person gets medical care in a hospital or stroke unit, the more the chances of recovery increase, but unfortunately, here we are. Quality treatment is not available to most patients in time. According to various studies conducted by major hospitals across Pakistan, mortality from stroke alone is between 7 and 20 percent, while 63 percent of all stroke patients are different. They suffer from medical complications and 89 percent are completely or partially unable to do their daily affairs by themselves and remain dependent on their families.

The experts said that if complications and mortality rates are to be reduced after a severe stroke, then the most important thing for this is the establishment of stroke (stroke) centers in the neurology department of all teaching hospitals. In the current situation, these There is a huge shortage of centers, because if stroke centers in major hospitals are providing treatment facilities, many precious lives can be saved from loss or life-long disability. This disease also has a significant impact on the national economy, because the treatment of the disease, hospital stay and medical expenses etc. are very expensive.

He said that information should be provided to the people in local languages ​​about the signs and prevention of mental and heart diseases through awareness campaign and for this awareness campaign should be started in every small and big city. Awareness campaigns in almost all developed countries have played an important role in controlling the rising rates of stroke and heart attack.

He demanded that stroke care units should be established in all major hospitals. In this way, the rate of death and disability due to stroke can be reduced by at least 20 percent. Also, long-term homes or institutions. Maintenance costs can also be avoided. All provincial governments should ensure that trained paramedical staff are available in hospitals admitting stroke patients and that treatment facilities are available in stroke care units.

He said that currently the number of trained stroke specialists in the country is very less and they are also associated with private hospitals in two or three cities. While there are neurologists for the population of 22 crores in the country. The number is around 200. Due to this shortage of expert doctors, however, there is definitely a problem in the treatment of stroke.

He said that for this, the central government should form a national task force with the cooperation of the provincial governments, which includes medical experts, to carry out the work of stroke prevention and proper treatment on a large scale. In addition, this task force It is also the responsibility to establish a National Stroke Registry in the country.

Through the above measures it is possible to prevent stroke, provide better treatment and recover patients as soon as possible. However, in this context, not only the government, but all sections of the society have to work together, so that not only the millions of deaths caused by stroke every year can be reduced, but also the large number of patients with various complications and ages. Total disability can also be avoided.

On the occasion of World Stroke Day celebrated on October 29, neurologists in Hyderabad, Larkana and Sukkur addressed press conferences and awareness walks were also organized in different cities for public awareness.

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