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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that Pakistan and Turkey should work together through joint research and pooling of resources.

In an exclusive interview with the Turkish Anadolu news agency, he said that Islamabad and Ankara should work together through joint research and pooling of resources, to face common challenges and sudden threats.

According to the Prime Minister, both sides remain with each other in the face of all changes.

He said that Pakistan and Turkey support each other in all matters of national interest, be it Jammu and Kashmir or Northern Cyprus.

Shehbaz Sharif thanked Turkey, especially its leadership, for its fundamental support in the Jammu and Kashmir conflict.

He said that the two governments share the same views on regional and international issues, and cooperate closely in all aspects.

According to the Prime Minister, people-to-people and cultural relations between the two countries are on an upward path.

Praising the defense sector of Turkey, he said that in the face of common and new challenges and threats, Pakistan and Turkey have expanded their cooperation in various fields, especially in defense.

On the economic side, he said that Pakistan’s economy is facing severe monetary tightening, financial crisis, pandemic crisis, reduced business confidence, high inflation, and the effects of the Russian conflict. and Ukraine.

According to the prime minister, the renewal of the IMF program and the hard work with the partners of the government and many countries have reduced the pressure.

In a question related to the environment, the Prime Minister said that although Pakistan accounts for less than 1 percent of the world’s carbon footprint, it is facing severe natural disasters such as heat waves, melting ice, droughts, heavy rains, and unprecedented. rain

The Prime Minister said there is an urgent need for producing countries to meet their climate financial commitments, with a balanced focus on adaptation and mitigation.


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