“Playing in the Indian jersey will make my life worthwhile,” said Derby hero Kian.SUCHI News

“Playing in the Indian jersey will make my life worthwhile,” said Derby hero Kian.

His arrival changed the complexion of the last derby. Kian Nasri came from behind to give Mohun Bagan a 3-1 win. He has caught the attention of everyone in the crowd, including Hugo Bomas and David Williams. It was the young footballer’s innocent hat-trick that gave the Maroons another taste of derby victory. He is the son of former footballer Jamshed Nasri. After landing the mega match, he became an overnight hero. whose name was not known until a few days ago.

But this is not over, there is still a long way to go. There is a derby, Kyan dreams of playing in the national jersey from now on. Habas didn’t get to play like this when he was the coach. But Ferrando recognized him correctly. So he didn’t delay in bringing him as a substitute in the big match. And Jamshed Putra has fully respected the coach’s confidence.

After winning the derby, Kian Nasri said, ‘I scored a hat-trick in the first derby of my life. It was really like a dream come true for me. The striker’s goal was to score. And everyone wants to score in the big matches. Big thanks to the coach for believing in me and putting me on the field. I want to stay in the field more time. It requires more effort. But if I play in the jersey of the Indian team, my life will be meaningful. This is my real dream.”

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