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The blame game has started again, accusations have been rained down on each other, the responsibility of paying the price has been passed on to the other. others. “No one is ready to see their own necks, let the naysayers admit that the political and economic crisis of the country is over.” everyone knows, it’s not easy to leave the responsibility of the two that are going fast. is rolling down towards the bottom of the world, and it is not so easy to put the responsibility on a class or a special organization, from assets and not it’s just a power that’s often referred to but a special class is being developed to help with that power. Their “friends” are in various national organizations and their aim is to find their “lost paradise” by destroying the country’s assets in any way or another. , according to some of your researchers and vloggers. The “power” and money of the Jewish lobby says that behind the Jewish lobby, “The common goal of all of them is to make the Government of God is determined to repeat what happened in the “Dhaka Tragedy”, from failure. These groups are the removal of Pakistan from its nuclear assets through the failure of the economy of Pakistan as a final result. the special class mentioned in the line above and the most annoying, because of its “religious” defeat, that is, since this special class that had to suffer religiously during the era of Bhutto, has been cleansed all over the world. He did not give any chance to lose to strike the main base of the Nazis, and to achieve this evil goal, he is trying to do all kinds of harm to the beloved country by being the hand of not only jews. but also all the forces against Pakistan. do . The current situation is faifit Ironically, the IMF has caused us to suffer, because of the wrong policies of the previous government that got the country in the trap of difficult economic conditions by signing an agreement with the IMF. this destruction and destruction by removing Utern from him was deliberately laid so that those who gave this unworthy part for only “personal” things would create the hate in their hearts some political leaders. It was difficult to control the emotions and get rid of anything that carved an idol that was not perfect but because this satisfied the personal feelings of those who harbored anger against the old leaders, it was a different matter that he realized the failure. this study is only two and two. half a year and he understood that the country will sink from this unsuccessful investigation, he started efforts but also showed signs of failure, and after the political leaders of the opposition refused, he said the “political blackmailing”. The rumor spread that if they did not help bring this “failed example”, the power would be in a certain group for the next ten or twenty years. They persuaded him to take the step, in which all the waste fell from the head of the first responsible and fell on the neck of “hard supporters” and now the situation could not be changed. , they are proudly putting the onus of ruining the country’s economy on their collectors. the time, at the same time they blame others, that is, according to the poet.
The situation cannot be resolved
Ahl al-Denmarka is confused with great thoughts
Now it is the stage of the “Age of Plato” pretending to “speak to the nation” in the next three days and tell people that the climate storm will wipe out everything like a cloth and he and his followers will trouble the country. the minister of finance strongly denied the possibility of the country’s failure, may Allah allow the country’s economy not only to recover but also to rise to its feet. ” is accused of taking a “big utron” from the statement of accusing the United States of overthrowing his government in a meeting with the delegation of American representatives yesterday. He apologizes for his comments, but later Pakistani-American senators were expelled from the same representatives (What is more insulting to Pakistani immigrants) just to go to another meeting with senators campaigning in America? ” if he is brought back to power, this time he will completely shut down the CPEC to satisfy the American people. No one will spare any effort to get it, so nothing is possible then say with confidence and certainty about how much truth there is in these doubts and fears. You fools, how soon will you forget Shahshah Utern’s previous actions and believe in them again Do? There are many Americans in this matter and they keep in front of them the words of President Abraham Lincoln, one of the the most important film in their own history, where he said, “You can fool some people forever.” “Everybody can be a fool for a while, but everybody can’t be a fool forever.”
Even those gods are not illusions of godliness
The legislators came out of sanam from the temple

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