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New family attractions at Gold Coast theme park – Australian Jewish News

Families love visiting the Gold Coast for their holidays and the first stop is the theme park.

While thrill rides have always been popular at Sea World, Dreamworld, Movie World and Wet n Wild, there are also animal attractions to see tigers, polar bears, dolphins, koalas and kangaroos up close.

Sea World is the Gold Coast’s oldest theme park, hosting more than 50 million visitors since it opened in 1971, and has been designed to recreate a piece of Antarctica with its Canadian Bear, Shark Bay, Penguin Encounter Along with Polar Bear continues its steady build-up of attractions headlined by the shores. Daily shows at Seal Harbor and Dolphin Beach where dolphins perform amazing acrobatics.

This year SeaWorld is launching three new multi-million-dollar rides at a complex called The New Atlantis – Vortex, which opened recently, and The Leviathan and Trident which are due to open soon.

The Vortex delivers high-speed pendulum twists, turns and spins up to 30 kmph while riding 15 meters above sea level.

The Leviathan is the first wooden rollercoaster built in Australia for three decades, billed as a family ride, with its massive kilometer-long track banked with turns, crossovers, drops and dips.

The rear two seats will be in the rear so that riders can experience The Leviathan in reverse.

Adventures on Superman Escape Ride in Movie World.

The Trident Sea World’s newest landmark is 42 meters above the ground and allows adventure seekers to fly and move around freely.

During October, Sea World is holding Spooky Nights after hours when the park transforms with events, shows and rides for the whole family.

Warner Bros. Movie World is famous for a parade of movie-star lookalikes on Main Street and thrilling rollercoasters including the high-speed Superman Escape Ride and the 1.4-kilometer-long DC Rivals hypercoaster.

One of the theme park’s new attractions is the WB Studio Showcase – Batman Legacy which features a large collection of costumes, cars and props famous from the Batman movies.

Tom and Jerry fans of the cat-and-mouse duo can meet their cartoon heroes and watch their troublesome antics at the park’s latest attraction, simply called Tom and Jerry.

During October, the horror nights of Movie World bring horrifying fun as mayhem descends on five new haunting realms after dark. Guests can also enjoy some of their favorite rides till 10 pm.

Movie World is celebrating 80 years of the popular cartoon character Tweety with special shows and entertainment from September 17th to October 10th.

Wet ‘n’ Wild has three great new rides – Double Barrel, Super Ripper and Kaboom!

Kaboom! Offers a high-octane ride reaching speeds of up to 40kmh, with a drop of 10 meters before zooming upwards on zero gravity and then turning, turning and descending on a 360-degree rotation.

Befriending Dolphins at SeaWorld.

The Super Ripper is also not for the faint-hearted, with a 12-metre slide ride through infinite turns.

The Double Barrel has two 12-meter slides suitable for the whole family, rated as a medium slide.

There’s also the new H2Oasis splash zone with plenty of seating and shade for guests to take some time off from all the rides.

Some rides at Wet’n’Wild are currently closed for scheduled maintenance, but all are expected to open by mid-November.

Dreamworld is famous for its thrill rides such as The Giant Drop and The Claw as well as family-friendly rollercoasters and kids of all ages.

Animal attractions are led by Tiger Island with their daily shows, which include many tigers from Sumatra and Bengal as they are driven by their handlers to jump, climb and swim.

The park’s native wildlife area allows guests to get up close to friendly koalas, kangaroos and other Australian animals.

Dreamworld is hosting Happy Halloween Nights on October 15, 21 and 28, when the theme park is open from 5.30-9 p.m. with rides, entertainment, fun food and other activities.

Whitewater World, located next to Dreamworld, has reopened daily for the school holidays with a variety of rides. From October 11, Whitewater World will be closed Monday through Thursday until December 12, when it will open every day for summer fun. AJN takes you to Australia and around the world to see what’s new in travel.

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