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yavatmal, One day before Holi, the district was again rocked by murders in the district. However, the tension in the police administration has increased due to the occurrence of killings in the district. In such a situation, the killing in the city one day before Holi and two days before in Umarkhed tehsil has increased the problem. The husband killed his wife by pushing her into a well on suspicion of having an illicit relationship on Pandharkavda road of the city.

At the same time, a 25-year-old youth was killed with a sharp weapon behind the Baldi Road ITI College in Umarkhed. After the murder, the body was thrown in the forest. People are busy preparing for Holi. The police administration is making plans to ensure that no serious incident takes place on Holi. At the same time, after the massacre the previous day, the atmosphere is heated.

The wife pushed well because of the suspicion of an illicit relationship

Due to the suspicion of an illicit relationship, the incident of killing the wife by pushing her into the well has come forward in the Sharad Khet complex located on the Yavatmal Pandharkawad Road. Kalamb police have arrested the accused. Pooja Rahul Meshram (25) is the name of the deceased woman. The accused Rahul Uddhav Meshram (32) has been arrested. On the Yavatmal-Pandharkavda road, there is a farm belonging to the deceased and the accused in the Sharad Khet complex. Rahul and Pooja lived there with their two children. There was always a dispute between the two because the wife suspected that she was having an illicit relationship. Rahul takes Pooja to the well in the farm because of the water smoke and pushes her into the well.

where he died by drowning. After this, on the second day, Rahul reached the police station by pretending that his wife had disappeared. Pooja’s dead body was found in the well of the farm. The police immediately informed Patil of the village about this situation. The officer of Umesh Besarkar’s office, Jamadar Vijay Lokhande immediately reached the spot. Amravati resident Jagdish Gajbhiye (55), father of deceased Pooja, filed a complaint at the police station. During the investigation, it was revealed that Rahul killed Pooja by pushing her into the well due to suspicions of an illicit relationship. Because of this, the police registered a case of murder.

The body of the missing youth was found in a decomposed state

Umarkhed (No) A lost youth killed with a sharp weapon. The matter came to the fore on March 5 behind Baldi Road ITI College in Umarkhed when the dead body was found in a decomposed state. Baldi resident Gopal Sudhakar Mirase (25) is the name of the deceased. Gopal was missing from Baldi since March 1. As he did not return home, the family members filed a missing complaint at the Umarkhed police station. On Sunday, March 5, a person went to the area behind the ITI College, and a bad smell came from the grass.

thrown into the wild after killing

SHO Amol Malve of Umarkhed police station along with his team reached the spot. Then the dead body was found in a decomposed state in the forest. With the help of the villagers, the body was found. The dead body was found to be that of Gopal Mirase. The marks of murder were seen on the dead body of Gopal. Submitted to the government district hospital for autopsy. The suspicion of the murder of the troubled youth is expressed by the police. Superintendent of Police Amol Malve, Sub-Inspector Prashant Deshmukh, Superintendent of Police CM Chaudhary, Superintendent of Police Amol Rathod are investigating the incident under the direction of Police Department Pradeep Padvi.

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