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The commissioning phase for Package-2 of the Mumbai Trans Harbor Sealink (MTHL) under construction was completed on Saturday, said the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), the nodal office for the MTHL project.

According to the commissioner of MMRDA SVR Srinivas, a total of 3,132 parts were given which were required for Package-2. He further stated, “It is a wonderful milestone as we cross one more milestone and move a little closer to completing the work. This amazing engineering – MTHL – is now 93 percent complete.

The MTHL channel is divided into four packages. Package-1 is from Sewri (0.00 km) to 10.380 km in the sea. Package-2 is from Sewri (10.380 km) to 18.189 km by sea and Package-3 is from Sewri (18.187) km to 21.80 km by land. Package-4 sets up a smart mobility system on MTHL Bridge.

Recently, MMRDA received the third tranche of Rs 1,927 crore for Package-3 from JICA.

According to MMRDA, the starting date of the three civil works is March 23, 2018, and the progress is 92.60 percent in Package-1, 92.28 percent in Package-2, and 98.09 percent in Package-3, in March. 5, 2023.

Package-4 includes works related to the use of transportation (ITS), cost management systems, electrical works, lighting of highways, and the construction of major buildings and administrative buildings including the central control center.

MTHL is expected to be operational by the end of 2023.

Once completed, the 22-km sea bridge (16 km on sea and six km on land) will reduce the road distance between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. and travel time in one quarter. The project aims to improve connectivity between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai; accelerating the growth of Navi Mumbai; convenient transportation from Navi Mumbai airport to Mumbai; and enable better integration of the economy of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and with the wider regions of Pune, Goa, Panvel, and Alibaug.


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