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More than a year after the release of Roohi (2021), actor Janhvi Kapoor is all set to hit the big screen with her upcoming film, Milli. The Hindi remake of the critically acclaimed Malayalam film Helen (2019) is a survival thriller, revolving around a woman fighting to survive as she gets trapped in a freezer. Just a day away from the release with Milli, Janhvi exclusively tells News18 that she is quite nervous.

“I feel this pain before every release,” she says. But with Mili, it’s even more so because it’s my first theatrical release after Roohi. I don’t have Raj (Rajkumar Rao; actor) or Varun (Sharma; actor) here or Nadevan Par, who is supporting me in this film (laughs). Millie has me in the freezer right now. That’s why I’m so worried.”

The actor, who made his debut in the 2018 film ‘Dhadak’ directed by Shashank Khaitan, has often spoken about how his anxiety affects him. Talking about how she is dealing with it, she says, “It’s even worse now before Millie because it’s my first film with dad (Boney Kapoor; producer). I want That he, more than I, should have a respectful reception. I want my work to be good for him. This pressure is making my anxiety a little more intense.

Milli is the third Hindi remake of Janhvi. While Dhadak was the official remake of the critically acclaimed Marathi film Seerat (2016), Good Luck Jerry was the Hindi adaptation of his last release, the Tamil hit Kolamav Kokila (2018). While living up to the standards of the original films is no mean feat, she considers herself lucky to be a part of these remakes.

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The 25-year-old explains, “When it comes to the remakes I’ve done, I’ve been very lucky because the people who played the roles in the original films have been very supportive. During the making of Dhadak, when Also I met Rinko (Rajguru; actor), she was very cute. When the trailer of Good Luck Jerry came out, Nayanthara (actress) ma’am talked about her. And when I messaged her, she said something. Really sweet things to say. It really means a lot to me because they’ve done such a wonderful job that no one would even think of touching. And I had the courage to try them, and they were so kind about it. are

Earlier this year, Malayalam actor Anna Ben, who anchored the narration in Helen, shared that she was excited to see Janhvi in ​​the lead role of Milli. So is there an exchange with Anna? “No, I haven’t spoken to Anna. But I think she reposted the trailer, which is very sweet of her. She has also been very supportive,” remarked Janhvi.

Come this Friday and Millie will be locking horns with Phone Ghost at the box office. The latter is a horror-comedy and stars Katrina Kaif and Siddhant Chaturvedi in addition to Jhanvi’s first co-star Ishaan Khatter.

Sharing her thoughts on the clash, she says, “I have seen the trailer and I think it looks like a lot of fun. We spoke briefly when he was about to sign the film. I know a little, and it sounds like a very interesting premise.

Ask her if there is any hint of a rivalry between her and the actor, who will next be seen in Baawal and Mr. & Mrs. Mahi, shares, “He recently sent me a message of good wishes for Millie. had given and I wished him back, saying, ‘Straight back at you!’ I think there was an undercurrent of competition (laughs). I’m just kidding! We really wish each other the best. We started out together. A part of us has always been for each other. It will take root.”

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