kaisi teri khudgarzi ‘It feels good when you say I’m yours’ SUCHI News

kaisi teri khudgarzi ‘It feels good when you say I’m yours’

Mehek falls in love with Shamsher in ARY Digital’s drama serial ‘Kisi Teri Khod Jahi’.

In the drama serial ‘Kisi Teri Khud Ghogi’, Danish Taimur (Shamsheer), Darfashan Saleem (Mehak), Laiba Khan (Nida), Noman Ejaz (Baba Sahib), Shahood Alvi (Akram Mehek’s father), Laila Wasti, Atiqa Odhu (Mahosh) , Shamsher’s mother), Hamad Shoaib (Ahsan) and others playing the lead roles.

In the last episode, the wife says to Shamsher that ‘my life has been spent in pain after meeting you, this pain is much less than that.’

The promo of the 29th episode shows Mehek also falling in love with Shamsher, with Shamsher saying ‘I love it when you say I’m yours.’

Mehek says that ‘Earlier I was afraid of you, I was afraid of you, but today I feel comfortable seeing you with me.’

She says that ‘I have forgotten the past. A sword and a wife’s husband is the safest person.’

On the other hand, Nida taunts her sister and says that ‘when Ahsan was so nice, why did you marry him? Why did you ruin my life?’

Will Nada’s bitter attitude cause a rift in the relationship between Mehek and Shamsher? Don’t forget to watch the next episode every Wednesday at 8 PM to find out.


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