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New Delhi. US President Joe Biden is getting a big reveal. At the same time, this statement was made by the White House itself. In fact, the White House said President Joe Biden had a routine health checkup last month. During this time, tissue was removed from the cancerous skin lesion on her chest.

In the case, the doctor said that there is no danger to President Biden’s life and that he does not need any other treatment. However, monitoring of Biden’s health will continue. Please note, Joe Biden is 80 years old.

In this context, White House physician Kevin O’Connor said that during the President’s physical examination on the 16th in February, “all the cancer tissue was successfully removed”. He said Biden is in perfect health to carry out his White House duties.

In the case, the doctor said that the place where the wound on Biden’s chest was removed has been completely completed and the President will continue to undergo routine tests. What was removed from his chest were basil cells. Basil cells are the most common and easily treatable cancer cells.

Dr. O’Connor said it doesn’t spread as fast as other cancers but it can get big, so it can be removed. This cancer spreads in sunlight. O’Connor said that the president spent a lot of time in the sun in his youth. US First Lady Jill Biden also had two cases of sickle cell disease in January. Interestingly, Biden’s son Beau died in 2015 from brain cancer.

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