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A day before Jemimah Rodrigues played her first Women’s League match against Royal Challengers, her parents were at the DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai for the opening match of the WPL between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Giants. There, the official media asked them about those stressful times before the Delhi Capitals picked him up for Rs 2.20 crore.

Jemimah’s father Ivan revealed that he and his wife were in South Africa to support their daughter in the T20 Women’s World Cup. But once there, they realized that on the day of the auction no one had announced the live auction. So they had to rely on an old jugaad.

“I asked my brother-in-law to broadcast the auction live in India and show it to me on Zoom. We saw it on a screen!” he said.

When asked about the excitement of seeing her daughter play in the WPL, Jemimah’s mother Lavita said: “I feel like every parent out there wants to come here. our shoes, now. We want to cherish these moments.”

“I am very happy. I don’t know what to express. I may have tears running down my cheeks,” added his father.

Later, as the video went viral on Twitter, the Delhi Capitals vice-captain reacted to the clip.

“I’m always on the screen and they cheer me up… But today, my heart is full of watching my parents on TV and being their #1 fan (sic) ,” he tweeted.


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