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The needle factory has also failed to open, CM has closed the ongoing factory

After all, when is Bihar called a backward state?
Biharis have to go abroad for work

Sitamarhi : National President of LJP (Ram Vilas), MP Chirag Paswan said that our fight is for the honor of Biharis. Try as hard as Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has tried, I will not breathe until Bihar becomes a developed state. For this we need everyone’s support and everyone should be Chirag Paswan. He spoke at a local party meeting of Riga DPS.
Chirag Paswan, who has been attacking Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, said that so far Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has not been able to open a needle factory in Bihar, but he has worked to factory closures are ongoing. Riga sugar mill has been closed for five years. The Minister has not taken care of the farmers and mill workers here.
He said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is responsible for Bihar’s food supplying farmers who are on the brink. We lose year after year but Bihar is still considered a backward state.
Today Bihar must be saved. There is a need to preserve the honor and pride of Biharis. Until it is time to call Bihar backward. Despite the many years of Nitish Raj, even today people have to go to Delhi AIIMS for better treatment.
Chirag says why should Biharis leave Bihar for jobs. Laluji trusted Rabri ji for 15 years. Now they are keeping expectations from Nitish Kumar but they still haven’t fulfilled their expectations. He said, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. For 75 years, Bihar has been considered a backward state. When is Bihar called rural? Raising the question, he said factories and factories were closed in Bihar, farmers were also suffering due to fertilizer problem.
Regarding the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, he said why the big temple of Mother Sita was not built in Sitamarhi? If the bridge was built here, devotees visiting the Ayodhya Shri Ram temple would have come to Bihar to visit Sitamarhi Mata Sita and the state would have developed. But that is not the opinion of the Minister. He said that Chirag is making all efforts to destroy Paswan, but he will not bow down and get scared.
Chirag Paswan was welcomed by social worker Shashank Balwant Mishra, who joined the party in the meeting, wearing a Makhana crown.

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