It felt as if he had been taken out of prison and put into lifelong solitary confinement SUCHI News

It felt as if he had been taken out of prison and put into lifelong solitary confinement

It felt as if he had been taken out of prison and put into lifelong solitary confinement

Author: Dr. Saima Ali

Episode: 4

As a son:

When we examine how Siddique Salik was as a son, we realize that he was a very happy and loving son. Since he was orphaned at the age of only two and a half years, his mother was the focus of his love in place of his father, although his mother also loved him very much, but his love for his mother was extraordinary. He was his mother’s love. He was the first and last son to come after 3 daughters, so he was very dear to his mother.

Siddiq Salik has attributed his first book “Hummayaran Inferno” to his mother. When Siddique Salik returned home after being released from prison in India, only 9 days before that, his mother left for the afterlife. He has stated in a very poignant way:

“I felt that the earth and the sky have gone crazy, the chain of the universe has been disrupted in this strong whirlwind. I am being slapped like a low and helpless particle. When the storm stopped, it felt like I was released from prison. I have been put in solitary confinement for life, a solitary confinement that is much darker than the Calcutta cell, long and harsh. Will I be able to bear the burden of this imprisonment or will I give up and die?

In fact, for Siddiq Salik, his mother was not only a mother but also a substitute for his father, because after his father’s shadow was lifted from his head, she also gave him mother’s love and protected him from the cold and heat of the times. For him, mother was like a thick tree in whose dense shade one gets comfort and also protection from harsh weather.

Begum Zarina Salik, who is the daughter of Siddique Salik’s maternal uncle, talks about her extraordinary love for her mother: “My aunt loved Siddique very much. She did not stay with us in the city all the time because she did not like the city life. . When she came to live with us after marriage, Siddiq used to make a bed for her in his room. He used to say that my mother sleeps alone in the village. So put them in the children’s room so that they never feel lonely-“

As husband:

Begum Zarina Salik says about him: “He was a very simple, compassionate and considerate person. He rarely got angry, but he did not express it by speaking, but kept quiet.” He did not interfere much in domestic matters, he left this field entirely to me. If I would talk to him about any matter in the house or about an employee, he would say, take care of the household matters yourself, and do not mention it to me. Rather, they used to jokingly say that this responsibility is yours, if there is any problem, they will replace you instead of an employee. His attitude towards employees was very soft. Kam used to call me instead.”

As a father:

Sahifah Salik, the eldest daughter of Siddiq Salik, says about him: “What I like about his personality is that even after reaching such a high position, he still cares about the smallest joys and sorrows of his dear relatives.” He remembered Most of the people avoid it by pretending to be busy, but Abu never did that. The nature of his job was such that he was very busy, but I don’t remember that he ever felt the happiness or sadness of a dear relative. Don’t miss any opportunity.

Sarmad Salik, the only son of Siddique Salik, says about his father: “Abu’s attitude was very friendly to all of us siblings. Being the only male child, he had special love for me, but he did not discriminate among his children due to gender.” He used to pay a lot of attention to our education. He wanted all of us brothers and sisters to get higher education. That I will take you to a place by recommendation. He himself had a desire to pursue higher education abroad, which could not be fulfilled, he wanted to fulfill this desire through me, but due to his sudden death, this desire could not be fulfilled again.” (Continued)

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