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A campaign launched by the Chinese government to promote marriage is drawing criticism on social media. Consumers say women in China are not adequately protected from domestic violence.

Issues of domestic violence in China, criticism of the government's marriage system
Issues of domestic violence in China, criticism of the government’s marriage system


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An initiative launched by the government to promote marriage in China after the murder of two women has now become a criticism on social media. Regarding these two incidents, many users said that Women in China are not protected enough from domestic violence.

One of the two events mentioned here happened in the central Chinese province of Hainan. On Monday, authorities arrested a man there for allegedly stabbing his wife to death during a domestic dispute. Authorities say the 24-year-old woman was killed last week.

That same week, the body of 28-year-old public and model Abby Choi was found in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory of Hong Kong. The killer dismembered Abby’s body. Authorities have arrested Abby Choi’s ex-husband and in-laws on suspicion of murder.

These two shocking incidents have sparked a new debate on social media, with many users questioning the government’s enforcement of marriage and raising a family.

One of these users wrote on the social media platform Weibo, “If you don’t get married, your boyfriend will beat you. If you get married, your husband will beat you. If you’re divorced. Now your ex-husband has abused you. happened in this world?” Another user opined, “Being married and childless is definitely the best protection.”

Some users also pointed out that under a law promulgated in 2021, formal proceedings cannot be started before 30 days after the filing of divorce petitions. He said, this law makes it difficult for abused people to divorce.

Meanwhile, some photos of clashes between citizens and police have also spread on social media, said to be from the city of the woman who was killed last week in Hainan province. But Reuters has not been able to independently verify the locations seen in the videos.

To protect women, China also passed a law against discrimination and sexual violence in October last year. But at the same time, the law also emphasized respect for the values ​​of the family for women. The law came at a time when activists expressed concern over the government’s talk of promoting traditional roles for women. Some people said that the word of the Government is a violation of women’s rights.

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