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Nagpur. The ups and downs of the weather are again beginning to show their effects on health. The situation is starting to increase the strength of viral infections in the city. Chills, chills and sore throat. Along with adults, adults, children are also confused.

By this time the weather was starting to feel bad. Because of the strong sunlight during the day and the cold atmosphere at night, the balance is bad. This climate change is effective for viral diseases. Because of the rapid spread from one to another, all members of the family are affected. These days the board exams are going on. It has become increasingly viral even among children. Because of this, the tension between the parents has increased.

According to the doctors, it is necessary to be vigilant about health during this season. It takes about a week to recover from viral infections. It comes with fatigue. Due to the season of Holi, people will also use colors and water. It will also increase the chance of spreading the disease. However, the presence of chemicals in the color affects health. Drinking water can make you sick.

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