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“The country is currently facing a financial winter. The growing inflation and financial crisis have caused investors to withdraw from making major investment decisions,” he said. a Tracxn.

In 2023, the strengthening of environmental financing has also led to an increased focus on income and economic units.

“While growth and profits are both important, for the first time in seven years, the pollsters’ preference for profits over growth was higher. About 55 percent of those who founders mentioned profit as a place of greater focus in 2023, compared to only 17 percent in. 2021,” said InnoVen Capital.

Startup founders are also increasingly considering an IPO in the country as an exit strategy, despite previous controversy. These are general market technology companies.

As Indian startups face turmoil in the winter of global financing, experts say they need to save cash, create a long-term goal and adopt a culture of consumerism to survive in 2023.

According to Ritesh Malik, Director, Alliance for Digital India Foundation (ADIF), startups should listen back from their customers.


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