In Bisfi’s Simri, the canal broke before the construction work was completed due to Pans’ planSUCHI News

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In Ward No. 03 of Simri Panchayat of Bisfi block, the construction work of the canal which started from the house of Jageshwar Thakur under the head of Panchayat Samiti started breaking down before completion. According to the information received, the canal should be constructed in 800 feet at a cost of 19 lakhs. The construction of the canal being done by the Panchayat Samiti Parvati Devi broke the PCC road in the middle. Inside the tunnel was dug about 300 feet and the upper cover was thrown. Potholes were created in many places due to the use of defective materials and the mixture containing the debris of the broken road. It also started to break down in places. Importantly, the work started about a month ago. But until now the board has not been installed in the workplace. From item to item should be done with the estimated amount. People don’t even know who his sensor is. The interesting thing is, where do the canals take place. Its height was not maintained, and the soil was not turned into soling. The water that has accumulated in the drain has started to smell bad. Many people including local Umesh Shah, Sanjay Gupta, Gopal Paswan, Pawan Mishra, Mahendra Mahto told about the construction of the canal, the road debris, anti-corrosion cement, poor sand, three numbers Bricks and 8 mm bars were used. made On both sides of the canal, a piece of brick number four filled with dirt was laid on the road. As a result, it is difficult for people to take this path. Local people told that JE Pankaj Kumar was called many times in this regard, but he did not know. The people of the village have banned the construction work. Tried to get JE’s side on the matter, but he didn’t pick up the phone.

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