I am asking with folded hands… Rijiju gave this response when Savarkar was mentioned in the Congress tweet. Why did Kiren Rijiju make this comment on Rahul’s photo?SUCHI News

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BJP ON RAHUL: Congress attacked Savarkar by posting Rahul Gandhi’s picture on his Twitter account, came the reaction of the Law Minister.

I am asking with folded hands... Rijiju gave this response when Savarkar was mentioned in the Congress tweet

The Law Minister expressed displeasure at the Congress’s tweet

Image source: @INCIndia Twitter

BJP ON RAHUL: Delhi police went to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s house today on March 19 to find out his response to his statements about sexual violence against women. After meeting the police, Rahul left his house while driving. The Congressman tweeted a picture of him driving a car on his Twitter handle and wrote, “Savarkar Samjha Kya, naam- Rahul Gandhi hai.”

The response that came from the BJP on this tweet of the Congress, the country’s Law Minister and BJP leader Kiren Rijiju said please do not offend the pious Veer Savarkar. I pray with folded hands. Let us tell you that on Sunday, a group of Delhi Police went to Rahul Gandhi’s house to greet him, the police wanted to know Rahul’s response about the information. performed on women during the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

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Rahul posted the answer in 4 pages

According to the police, Rahul said in Jammu during his Bharat Jodo tour that there are rumors that women are still being abused. According to media reports, after the meeting with the police, Rahul sent them a 4-page reply. Rahul said, while having an informal conversation with the police, he said that he will give his answer within the next 8-10 days.

Rahul asked for another time

Let us tell you that former Congress President Rahul Gandhi had a long walk of 4000 km. For this he walked for 140 days. Many opposition leaders also attended this visit of Rahul. According to sources, Rahul also wrote in his 4-page reply that he needs more time to reply. Responding to Rahul Gandhi’s written reply, the Delhi Police said that the reply was given Rahul said no. There was no explanation either.

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