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New Delhi: The festival of Holi, the symbol of the victory of good over evil, is on March 8 this year. It is believed that, on this day, small things and big things, are seen to be painted in one color, but you know that Holi played with Abir, Gulal and all kinds of colors also have many rules. Tell us, how do children and adults use color while playing Holi?

According to the experts, if a person who is younger than you or a child wants to play Holi with you, first color him and then apply Tilak or apply color on his cheeks, forehead and give me your blessings. If a person younger than his age has done something wrong in the past, then on the day of Holi, you should forgive him by using colors. Green color should be used on people younger than you or children etc. In Sanatan culture, the color green is considered a symbol of good luck. So forget to use this color.

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In the eternal tradition, the Holi festival which is full of joy and enthusiasm is supposed to end the distance between hearts. There should be no such work, even your own people are far from you. It is believed that on the day of Holi, express your happiness by offering colors at the feet of those whom you cannot touch or use colors. Do not use black color on your adults and children even if it is wrong.

If there is an elderly person in your house and you want to play Holi with him, then show him more respect and share your happiness with him, apply colors to his feet by touching his feet. If you are a man and you want to apply the color to your father or maternal grandfather, then first touch their feet and then apply tilak on their forehead and seek their blessings. People who are older than you like Baba-Grandmother, Grandfather-Grandmother, or an elder brother-sister etc. should take their blessings by using yellow colors. The color yellow is a way to show one’s respect and faith in the elders.

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