Hindutva glasses should be removed… (Article by Kavita Krishnan)SUCHI News

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What to do to help:

Needless to say, Shraddha got justice and Aftab was punished for what he did. But is it enough for us to express anger, hatred and hatred towards Aftab on social media? If we are to fight against violence against women, more must be done.

(a) We must build better support systems and better shelters for women facing domestic violence. Currently, many aid lines are facing reduced funding and shelters are underfunded. Protection agencies under the PWGDVA (Civil Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act) are overburdened with cases and lack training, guidance and resources. Most importantly, most shelters are run like prisons, not places where women can feel safe and empowered.

(b) We must understand that women who are victims of domestic violence and violence often do not choose another way to help the police, and even if they leave the family they may return to their husbands. This continues until they decide to completely separate from the disrespectful partner.

Our responsibility as a public citizen is not only to let those affected by domestic violence in the faith of women but to understand their pain and help them according to their demand. Let them decide when, how much and what kind of help they need. By respecting their decision you will be able to gain their trust and then they will ask you for help when they face problems. Similarly, your role in saving their lives can be very important.

(c) Multi-ethnic, multi-religious, same-sex, cohabiting, same-sex and all forms of love marriages should be supported.

(d) We need to get away from media/advertisements that look at a single issue and describe it as an ‘inhuman’ act of one person. But we need to look at the broader pattern of domestic violence.


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