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LAHORE – A high-profile political drama that spread for hours ended here on Sunday afternoon when the Islamabad police returned to Islamabad without arresting the wanted PTI chairman Imran. by the Islamabad court in the Toshakhana case for prosecution tomorrow. “Chairman Imran Khan is not available. However, we will comply with all legal procedures,” Imran Khan’s chief of staff Shibli Faraz wrote on the paper when he received the The court order at 12:58 pm was issued to him by Islamabad police on Sunday.

Surprisingly, Islamabad police SP Hussain Tahir and SHO Nadeem Tahir who arrived at the Zaman Park area of ​​PTI chief Imran Khan to comply with the court orders made no attempt to arrested the accused despite having a warrant issued by the Additional Sessions Judge. West, Islamabad in Tosha Khana case.

Sources in the Punjab police said that it was not part of the plan to arrest the PTI chief as the whole story was done only to intimidate the PTI leader before the court proceedings. However, police sources did not rule out the possibility that Khan could be arrested any time today to hand him over to in court tomorrow. Earlier in the day, the police faced stiff resistance from PTI workers when they tried to enter the house of the PTI chief. “We will not allow you to advance beyond this point”, a PTI worker was heard telling the police team. “You can move forward after passing our dead bodies”, warned another in a video released by PTI’s media wing. When the police told them that they had come to comply with court orders, PTI workers who were at the entry point insisted that they would call the leaders. the party is here to receive orders. After a long argument, they finally let the police in with an assurance that they would not arrest the PTI chairman.

PTI workers escorted SP Hussain Tahir to the exit as he was leaving Khan’s house after serving the court orders. Talking to the media outside the Zaman Park, SHO Islamabad police Nadeem Tahir said that the court issued an arrest warrant of PTI chairman in the Tosha Khana case. “We are here to inform him [Imran Khan] to appear before the court. And, if you don’t, the next step is to do the recording. For now, we have come to deliver the show”.

The interesting thing is that the statement of the police officer contradicted the description of the warrant issued by the court. In the warrant, posted by senior PML-N leader Mian Javed Latif on his twitter account, the police have clear instructions to arrest Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi and produce him before the court on March 7.

In addition, a contradiction was also revealed in the statements of Islamabad police IGP Akbar Nasir and his deputy SHO Nadeem Tahir. The former said while talking to a news channel that a police team was sent to arrest the PTI chief but the latter policeman was here only to issue a notice to Imran Khan to appear at before the court on the said day.

Meanwhile, while the whole story was going on in Zaman Park, a Twitter account by the Islamabad police said that Imran Khan was evading arrest, indicating that the police had gone there with the clear intention of arresting the charged. “The SP has gone to his room, but Imran Khan is not there. The team has arrived to arrest Imran Khan,” he said. The tweet further stated:

PTI leaders told that Imran Khan is not in his house. Legal action will be taken against Shibli Faraz for misrepresenting the legal system. PTI leaders have confirmed that it is their leader [Imran Khan] the law will be obeyed, so we hope that Imran Khan will appear before the court.

We will ensure compliance with court orders to bring the accused Imran Khan to justice”. Speaking on the same issue, Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah said, Islamabad police were there to ensure compliance with court orders, but Imran Khan will not be detained. “If the government wants to arrest Imran Khan, he will be arrested.” PTI citizens who are posted outside his house will not stop arresting him after deciding to arrest him,” he said while talking to the media in Faisalabad.

In all these controversies, it is not clear whether the document issued by the Islamabad police to the PTI leaders is a kind of notice to appear before the court or the warrant as indicated by the PML leader. -N o Mian Javed Latif on his twitter account. The police team that was in Zaman Park kept saying that they came to issue a court notice but their bosses in Islamabad insisted that the police team was there to arrest the owner of the PTI according to the warrants issued by the court. Later, while talking to the media, the Senior Vice President of PTI, Fawad Chaudhry, said that as many as 74 cases have been registered against Imran Khan and 30 of them are criminal.

He said that no one can appear in court in such big cases. He also threatened that PTI will issue a call for nationwide riots if the government arrests Imran Khan.

The Deputy Chairman of PTI, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, said that they will consult with the party’s lawyers about the court announcement and announce the next plan accordingly. He said that Imran Khan always respected the law and the court and even appeared before the court against the advice of his doctors. . He also asked the party workers to be calm because there is nothing to worry about.

“However, we must be vigilant and follow the legal procedures”, he said.

Meanwhile, the Islamabad police warned of legal action against those who obstruct the execution of court orders. In a statement, the police of Islamabad said that the police will welcome Imran Khan to Islamabad under his protection. Responding to the statement of the police of Islamabad, Senator Shibli Faraz said that when he received the order of the court he did not write that Imran Khan was not in his house in Zaman Park.

On the received letter, Shibli Faraz wrote that Imran Khan is not “available”. “I wrote this as it stands. If I have committed a crime, I am ready to face legal proceedings”, he said.


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