From March to May, Pakistan will experience a heat waveSUCHI News

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The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a warning for high temperatures and the possibility of extreme weather from March to May.

Normal rains are also expected over much of the country, according to the Met Office’s latest advisory, which was released on Friday.

The persistent La-Nia situation has finally changed to an uncertain one and is expected to remain uncertain for the duration of the MAM 2023 season (March, April, and May), according to the PMD .

According to the global and regional circulation pattern, almost normal rainfall is predicted to occur in most of the country, according to the Met Office.

According to the report, most of the northern part of Gilgit Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa may receive slightly below average rainfall. In most of the country, seasonal weather is expected to remain above average and heat waves are likely.

Rabi crops will grow faster due to the expected warm weather in the coming months, and the water that is stored (Kharif season) is needed. .

In the big cities of Islamabad and Lahore, the rise in temperature and the warm weather will favor the beginning of the pollen season.

Atmospheric conditions indicate the possibility of a heat wave during the season, especially in the plains of the country.

Water pressure is expected for agriculture and domestic needs in the coming season due to high temperatures, it was said.

Meteorologist Jawad Memon warned that this year’s summer in Karachi will be very hot because February was higher than normal before the PMD.

According to Memon, the rise in temperature in February indicated the coming days of heat.

Due to global warming, Pakistan has experienced extreme heat, which has resulted in long and intense summers and heavy rains.

After heavy rains, the country was devastated by severe floods last year.

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