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Formula One officials inspected Lewis Hamilton’s outfit before the seven-time champion was cleared to try it on ahead of the first round of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Hamilton has clashed with the FIA ​​administration over the ban on cosmetics imposed last year and revealed that he had tattoos that could not be removed. He got an exemption for his nose.

Hamilton said he had to stop the injection due to complications related to a blood clot in his nose, which happened because he took it out for the races. In a later interview with Vanity FairHamilton admitted that he increased his jabs to push back at what he believed to be the specific target of the ban.

“I mean, yes. Because I’m the only one with makeup, really,” he told the magazine on Friday. “People like to have power, and power is enforced.”

The FIA ​​did not mention his nose in a statement on Friday, but Hamilton said he received a medical exemption related to “concerns about the body.” “The stewards consulted the FIA’s medical representative, who saw the doctor’s report, examined the driver and agreed with the internal opinion,” said the FIA.

“We have decided not to take any further action because there are concerns about the damage caused by multiple attempts to remove the device.” Last May, Hamilton defied the ban on cosmetics by showing up at the Miami GP wearing glasses and multiple rings. He suggested that he is willing to stay in the race on the issue.

He stuck his nose out at Monaco later that month after the FIA ​​extended his exemption, but he remained unhappy with the ban.

“Honestly, I feel like there’s just too much time and energy to put into this,” Hamilton said in Monaco.
“We don’t have to revisit this every weekend. We definitely have more fish to fry.”
Hamilton, who went winless last season for the first time in a career that began in 2007, was 10th fastest in Friday’s first practice. He is eight in second grade.

He said that Mercedes is still a pace away from the championship and the previous favorite Red Bull.

“We have come a long way. We knew that little bit in (preseason) testing,” Hamilton said.

“Red Bull in the long run is a faster second round. We have a lot to work on. I think I’ve got the car in the best place I can be, set up wise. We will continue to use information here and there.”


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