Everyone has accepted the new National Policy, the whole country is working to implement it: ShahSUCHI News

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Gandhinagar, March 19 (Language) Union Home Minister Amit Shah said here on Sunday that the National Education Policy (NEP) has been accepted by everyone and the entire country is working to implement it, but the past is in the past. NEP’s founding principles Because of the. where there was an argument.

Addressing the graduating students at the fourth convocation of Central Gujarat University, Shah said that NEP 2020 will work to remove education from the perspective of narrow thinking.

He said, “Often, educational policies have a history of being involved in controversy. Two NEPs have been brought in the past and each time they have been mired in controversy.” Regarding the controversy, he said, “Unfortunately, there was a tradition of linking resources. We base our education on a theory and practice it in the design of that theory. “

The Home Minister said, “But no one can oppose or blame the education policy brought by Narendra Modi in 2022.” In a way, the whole society has accepted it and the whole country has moved forward to implement it.

Bhasha Noman Ashish


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