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Tallinn, March 6 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 6th Mar, 2023 ) : Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas’ right-wing Reform Party won Sunday’s general election, receiving 31.6 percent against 16 percent for the right-wing EKRE, according to the latest results.

In order to remain in power, the Reformation will make an alliance with one or more of the parties that entered the 101-seat parliament of the Baltic state.

The Center Party received 14.7 percent of the vote, Estonia 200 received 13.5 percent, while the Social Democrats received 9.4 percent and Isamaa (Fatherland) 8.3 percent.

“This is more than we expected,” Kallas told reporters. “We have destroyed a partnership with EKRE and I stand by my words.” Reform is a liberal party that appeals to business owners and young professionals.

He has promised to increase military spending to less than three percent of GDP, cut taxes on businesses and wants to pass a law that would legalize same-sex partnerships.

Kallas told AFP in a recent interview: “We support an open, friendly, Western-minded, European, intelligent country.” “My main competitor thinks that we should not help Ukraine, we should not support Ukraine, we should look for our own interest,” he said, referring to the right-wing party EKRE.

The country of 1.3 million people, which borders Russia and is a member of the European Union and NATO, led the international call last year for more military aid to help Ukraine to against Moscow’s attacks.

Estonia’s military aid to Ukraine is more than one percent of GDP – the largest contribution of any country in terms of its economic size.

Speaking about aid to Ukraine, Kallas said on Sunday: “I think that a dictator will not change this.” “The other groups – except EKRE and maybe Center – have chosen the same line. So I think we can find common ground here,” he added.

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