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Although education should be the first priority and there are many, but the fact is that the first threat is education itself, some common situations and things that hinder the way of education, which is Corona, floods and terrorism It is important to note that even after years we have not been able to recover from the damage caused by the earthquake, the recovery and rehabilitation of many schools is still uncertain, even after coming, students cannot be safe from vandalism, harassment. and other experiences. Due to Corona, the whole world has been damaged in such a way that the world itself has changed because of this, the closure of schools and educational institutions had a special effect on our children in a way that many children left school at this time. and has not come back now because the economic price is affecting the students and their education from different sides, the increase in the economic price has had an effect on other areas, the education sector is not spared from its effects. the priority of the middle class. In fact, the parents of the lower class also dream of improving the lives of their children by teaching them in any way or another, the dream of any parents to improve the lives of their children, but when Peet Pooja is enforced, then the child is taken to school, instead of being sent, there is also the process of being sent to a shop, to a mechanic, a bike owner, and a house for service. has come to realize the importance of education, what should be done about the remaining problems. Officially, our laws are international standards according to this situation, cannot support child labor in any society, but in reality, the existence laws and regulations prohibiting child labor can be effective and accepted only when a child is found. belly full of bread, even if it is dry, but wherever and whenever food is needed in this society, the laws of Europe and the example of the welfare society can only show, that which may not be implemented in the true sense. If it is to be implemented, it is a good thing to see the effort of the child that causes him to go somewhere to learn jobs and work instead of school. There are about 30 students in public schools, but the quality of education in these schools, the children of public school teachers have reached the tomorrow with their father, not in public schools, but the father has left. at the door of a good private school for public education Not all textbooks are available in public schools, due to many reasons, parents prefer to take their children in schools instead of sending them to public schools so that the child can learn skills. Schooling in schools is normal, these schools have received a lot of money in terms of fees and transport, so in the new academic year, the the cost of bills and books will increase and the cost of transportation will increase. getting a raise at a time when the prices of everything are red How can private schools hope not to raise fees and other expenses? expenses People should try to reduce their income. The establishment of private schools is now considered to be the most successful business. If you are studying different levels in educational institutions, then this Because of this situation, they will be forced to adapt in everything even in education, but the most dangerous thing is that now parents are unable to teach their children accordingly. enough to cut their stomachs.
The economic downturn means that wages are likely to rise very little, which may cause some to consider leaving their jobs. However, finding new jobs does not seem to be easy or rewarding. In this situation, the income of many people will be affected and in the near future, this situation may force many families to make difficult decisions. it is chosen according to many needs. In such cases, education is often the first thing agreed upon. When families feel that they cannot afford their expensive education and need to reduce or permanently cut some expenses, most of them prefer to send their children to school and work, so that to reduce expenses and increase income. The annual report of the State of Education shows the enrollment from private rural schools to public schools. Is it because of the growth of the economy because the bills are not being paid to government institutions? Regardless of this question, we will probably see a lot of growth in this area. Unfortunately, many parents will be forced to sacrifice their children’s education. Private educational institutions may not be available and many parents may be forced to make difficult decisions.
The barriers to learning of the child who is studying will be experienced by his parents, family and the whole country. Any child who drops out of school or experiences learning disabilities not only affects his or her employability, but also harms In the future of his family, the barriers to education should be removed. , it will be necessary to expand the Benazir Income Support Program and ensure the provision of special funds for education in particular. The state needs to allocate funds for education as much as possible and ensure that these funds are well spent in the face of growing expenses. However, as in the past, there is concern that our educational needs may be neglected due to short-term interests.

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