Distribution of goods for protection of feminine health among flood affected women SUCHI News

Distribution of goods for protection of feminine health among flood affected women

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Karachi: Sanitary products were distributed among the flood affected women by the empowered women of the civil society.

According to Express News, after the flood situation across the country, various welfare organizations and philanthropists are engaged in rations, medical camps and relief activities for the flood victims. Due to the problems faced.

The flood-affected women are facing difficulties due to the lack of essential commodities, among the victims, the women of the civil society of Karachi have taken the responsibility to deal with the growing health and hygiene problems related to menstruation and to protect women’s health. The raft has been lifted.

The civil society organizations are engaged in hygiene measures under Aapna Matad Aap, on their behalf, more than 2500 affected women of Balochistan and interior Sindh have been provided with items for the protection of feminine health.

On this occasion, Mehek Ali, a welfare volunteer, said that there is a need to strengthen institutions to create awareness about menstruation and healthy behavior in Pakistan. Health is affected, which increases the risk of infection and other problems.’

He said that through this, awareness and access to menstrual products among flood-affected women can be highlighted. A healthy menstrual cycle and hygiene is a basic human right of girls and young women. Many women do not have access to products that can help them take care of their periods regularly. By not paying enough attention or concern to the prevailing problems, we are jeopardizing our future.

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