Couple fined Rs 6 lakh for inter-caste marriage, faces boycottSUCHI News

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Govindaraju lived in Malavalli, but often came to visit his parents, along with his wife, in Kunagalli. When the couple came there last month, Shwetha, talking to her neighbor, revealed that she was a Dalit.

The issue reached the elders of the village and they held a meeting on February 23, they called the parents of the couple and gave them a fine of 3 million dollars. and asked to pay the fine on the 1st of March.

After the couple filed a police complaint against 12 villagers in this connection, when the elders came to know about the complaint, the fine was increased to Rs 6 lakh and they boycotted the family. of Govindaraju from the village.

The people of the village have taken the family out of the village and passed the law that they should not buy food, vegetables, milk, and water from the village.

The authorities have done the investigation.


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