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The management of the University of Karachi has begun to evaluate the results of the first admission between the years for the upcoming academic year 2023 and an emergency meeting of the General Assembly of the University of Karachi has been called in this regard.

According to Express News, the meeting will be held on November 14 under the chairmanship of the CEO Professor Dr. Khalid Iraqi.

After the meeting, Shaikh Al Jamia told Express that universities are independent according to the constitution and the law if they make their decisions with “physical bodies”, so we will also present this matter to the school council.

He said that if the Academic Council approves the request, they will publish the approval based on the results of the first midterm to avoid delays in the 2023 school year.

It should be remembered that at this time the NED University also gave admission to the BE program on the basis of the first year to start his course on time, but the department of education government college of Sindh was also given between the years. nine than matriculation Given on the basis of Jamaat results.

Apart from this, in the meeting of the admission committee held on Monday, it was decided that those students from Balochistan and Sindh, whose academic documents have been damaged due to floods, will also be able to apply. for admission.

They will be given temporary admissions when they meet the criteria, such students can submit their final documents.

According to the CEO of the meeting, it was decided that the entrance fee would only be increased by 10% as per the organization’s decision, but the decision was also made so that it would not be Please upload the list of applications and the cost of the work, as a suggestion.

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